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【NFT+新聞】碧咸成DigitalBits代言人 強勢加入元宇宙

大衛碧咸是世界上最具影響力的名人之一,在社交媒體擁有超過 1.38 億的追隨者。在社交媒體的一舉一動,都備受全球矚目。是次加入元宇宙及NFT行列,可以創造的商機可說是無限大。

DigitalBits 通過發佈一段短片宣佈了這一消息,該視頻由碧咸主演,戲劇性地踢了一個類似於足球的虛擬地球,開啟通往虛擬世界的大門。與此同時,敘述者表示世界正在發生變化,區塊鏈的力量正在創造新的維度,我們正在以無法想像的方式重新定義相互聯繫的方法。

碧咸成為 DigitalBits 全球品牌大使,除了售賣廣告,背後的推動力更是部署未來大計。碧咸明白單靠Instagram等熱門社交媒體追不上潮流。加入元宇宙世界,以創新和可控拓展自己影響,有助與粉絲建立更緊密的聯繫。未來將會推出自家NFT系列,甚至投身加密資產市場。

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[NFT+ News] David Beckham becomes the ambassador of DigitalBits and joins the metaverse in a strong force.

David Beckham is one of the world's most influential celebrities, with a social media following of over 138 million. His social media presence has attracted global attention. By joining the metaverse and NFT, the opportunities are boundless.

DigitalBits made the announcement by releasing a short video starring Beckham dramatically kicking off a football-like virtual ball that opens the door to a virtual world. At the same time, the narrator states that the world is changing, that the power of the blockchain is creating new dimensions, and that we are redefining the way we connect with each other in unimaginable ways.

The driving force behind Beckham's role as DigitalBits' global brand ambassador is not only selling advertising, but also planning for the future. He understands that social media, such as Instagram, cannot keep up with the trends all by itself. By joining the metaverse world and expanding its reach with innovation and controllability, it will help to build a closer connection with its fans. In the future, he will be launching his own NFT series and even entering the cryptocurrency market.

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