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【NFT+新聞】 12歲兒童創百萬項目堅信NFT技術會成功 | 12 year olds creating a multi-million dollar project

2021年,名為本亞明-艾哈邁德的12歲兒童是一個程式設計師,在OpenSea上發佈了3350件像素化鯨魚NFT藝術品。他的出品Weird Whales在幾個小時內就完售,並為他賺取到14.5萬美元。


艾哈邁德相信,NFT技術將取得成功,因為它的使用很簡單,所有人都在同一起跑線。他認為:「有了數字藝術,它就有了更多的工具和認證--我可以直接跳到網上,觀察任何事物是如何得來的。在這裡,任何人都可以加入網絡--你可以是一個難民,也可以是一個坐在豪宅里的有錢人,這並沒有什麼區別。 」

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[NFT+ News] 12 year olds creating a multi-million dollar project are confident that NFT technology will succeed

a 12-year-old coder named Benyamin Ahmed posted 3,350 pixelated whale artworks as NFTs on OpenSea in 2021. Weird Whales, his collection, sold out in hours and earned him $145,000.

From a young age, he was fascinated with technology. Ahmed began learning to code at the age of five and later became interested in NFTs and other virtual assets. Ahmed, on the other hand, has no intentions to cash out his earnings just yet. Rather, he sees the greatest value in the community he has discovered.

He believes that NFT technology will succeed because it is simple to access and provides equal possibilities for everyone. According to Ahmed, “With digital art, it has a lot more utility and certification – I can just hop online and see where anything came from. Here, anyone can join the network – you can be a refugee or a rich person sat in your mansion and it doesn’t make a difference. 

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