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【NFT+新聞】「前財爺」曾俊華推出NFT 祈捐贈收益推動初創發展 | Former Financial Secretary John Tsang launches NFT

曾經在2017年參選特首選舉的前任財務司司長曾俊華日前在個人社交專頁以「我不是財爺 以後叫我Choi Yeah!」為題,宣布推出「Choi Yeah NFT」企劃,預計發售限量3000個由日本畫家山内庸資(Yosuke Yamauchi)設計的NFT。

曾俊華在帖文中表示世界已經在疫情下變得不一樣,希望在紛亂之際繼續保持信念,持續學習Web 3.0元宇宙世界,是此推出首個NFT 企劃望為香港人打打氣。更指企劃不只是一個頭像,擁有者會在發行後的一年內,收到由他為港人精心挑選的 6 份小禮物,同時更可優先參與部份企劃活動,及未來他有份參與的 Web3 企劃。


根據Choi Yeah NFT官網顯示,企劃發行日期及其他詳情仍有待進一步公佈,有興趣人士歡迎以電郵訂閱,收取最新發展去向。

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[NFT+ News] Former Financial Secretary John Tsang launches NFT, hopes to donate revenue to support start-up development

Former Financial Secretary John Tsang, who ran for the Chief Executive election in 2017, has announced the launch of the "Choi Yeah NFT" project on his social media pages under the title "I'm not the Financial Secretary, so call me Choi Yeah!

In his post, John Tsang said that the world has been transformed by the epidemic and he hopes to keep his faith in the chaotic world and continue learning about the Web 3.0 meta-universe, and that the launch of the first NFT project is a cheer for Hong Kong people. He also said that the project is not just an avatar, but that the owner will receive six special gifts for Hong Kong people within a year of its release, as well as priority access to some of the project's activities and future Web3 projects that he is involved in.

In addition, he has promised to contribute 10% of all future sales of this project to the start-ups and to continue to support young people, believing that young people are the foundation of our society.

According to the official website of Choi Yeah NFT, the release date and other details of the project are still to be announced and interested parties are welcome to subscribe by email to stay up to date with the latest developments.

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