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原來NFT可以咁應用---冷錢包免入侵最安全 | Cold WalletThe most secure way to store cryptocurrency

(11) NFT+ 冷錢包


在NFT市場,普遍用戶都會以熱錢包進行交易,熱錢包(Hot Wallet)是指在電腦、手機等能夠連上網路的設備運行的錢包,常見熱錢包例如ETH交易平台Opensea推薦錢包MetaMask Wallet和Solana交易平台MagicEden推薦錢包Phantom Wallet等。熱錢包簡單分為瀏覽器外掛錢包或手機APP錢包兩種,操作都相當簡單好上手,介面也很適合初學者使用。



市面上暫時最受歡迎的冷錢包CoolWallet,由台灣知名的區塊鏈公司庫幣科技(CoolBitX)所發行的冷錢包,有別於其他冷錢包USB的厚實的外型,CoolWallet 錢包是全球第一個採用信用卡外型,輕至6克的冷錢包,卡片還有防水、耐衝擊的設計,電力續航長達二至三週。使用上以藍牙方式連線,配合獨家應用程式,在安全保存虛擬貨幣之餘,更提供質押(Staking)等Defi去中心金融服務,讓你在保存資產時賺取額外收入。

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What! NFT can be used in this way - Cold Wallet

The most secure way to store cryptocurrency

The loss of Jay Chou's NFT has raised concerns among crytocurrency users about the security of their assets. To protect your assets, you need to know about cold Wallet.

In the NFT market, it is common for users to trade with hot wallets, which are wallets that run on computers, mobile phones and other devices that can be connected to the internet. Common Wallet like MetaMask wallet and Phantom Wallet, etc. Hot wallets are simply divided into two types: browser-based wallets or mobile app wallets, both of which are very easy to use and have a good interface for beginners.

Cold wallets, on however, are offline wallets that are not connected to the internet and use a physical way of storing private keys offline to protect them from internet hackers. Cold wallets are a more secure way to save virtual assets. It is suitable for long term or large investors. In addition to a physical device, cold wallets are often equipped with corresponding software or a physical encryption tool that allows users to view the assets in the wallet while maintaining security.

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The CoolWallet, the most popular cold wallet on the market for the time being, is issued by Taiwan's leading blockchain company, CoolBitX. The card is also waterproof, impact resistant and has a long battery life of two to three weeks. With a Bluetooth connection and an exclusive app, the CoolWallet is a safe place to keep your virtual money, and also offers Defi decentralised financial services such as Staking, allowing you to earn extra income while keeping your assets.

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