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【NFT+新聞】ERC721R 新標準發布 買NFT有冷靜期 | New ERC721R standard released, a cooling off period for buying NFT

為了改善幣圈軟地毯騙局(Rug Pull),網絡上一位名為 Elie 的開發人員和其夥伴提出了一個新的代幣標準「ERC721R」,引述官方說明,該標準允許購買者在一定期間內,可以申請「退回」鑄造 NFT所投入的資金。現時已有數個項目大膽宣布支援新標準,以 CryptoFighters 為例,該項目決定透過 ERC721R 標準,讓用戶在 45 天內可以申請 100% 的退款。

輿情上雖然有不少網民讚許新標準的創新性,但認為現實中將窒礙難行。更有網民指出此標準有違加密貨幣最重要的意義---不可逆的交易,若果跌破地板價(Floor Price),每個買家都申請退款,將會導致項目團隊沒有資金開發項目。

另一最新消息,由GoPocket核心開發者BenLaw指出現時ERC721R代碼段存在嚴重Bug,由於缺少對退款接收地址的限制條件,開發者仍可通過bug,在ERC721R的限制期內抽走NFT合約中的資金,進而避開協議的約束,實現軟地毯騙局(Rug Pull)。

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[NFT+ News] New ERC721R standard released, a cooling off period for buying NFT

In an effort to improve the Rug Pull in the cryptocurrency world, a developer named Elie and his partners have proposed a new token standard called ERC721R, which, according to the official description, allows purchasers to request a "refund" of the funds invested in minting NFTs within a certain period of time. Several projects have already boldly announced their support for the new standard, such as CryptoFighters, which has decided to allow users to claim a 100% refund within 45 days through the ERC721R standard.

While many people praised the innovative nature of the new standard, they felt that it would be difficult to implement in reality. Some pointed out that the standard would contradict the most important meaning of cryptocurrency - irreversible transactions - and that if the floor price fell below which every buyer would request a refund, the project team would be out of funds to develop the project.

In another update, GoPocket core developer Ben Law pointed out a serious bug in the current ERC721R code snippet, which, due to the lack of restrictions on where refunds can be received, could still be used by developers to pull funds from NFT contracts during the restricted period of ERC721R, thus bypassing the agreement and enabling the Rug Pull.

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