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四大Fact一定要知 NFT新興市場分析|Four must-know facts NFT emerging market analysis

NFT 為創作和市場帶來了更多的可能性,互聯網世界十分之快,能協助藝術家、音樂人、創作者將任何作品點石成金。NFT給予更多彈性給不同階層人進入藝術品收藏世界。

根據NonFungible NFT平台數據得出四大Fact

✅Fact 1: NFT市場變得越來越熾熱


✅Fact 2: 二手交易活躍反映市場不乏承接力


✅Fact 3: 大眾對NFT價值接納程度攀升


✅Fact 4: 更多大眾關注及參與NFT市場


💪🏻Additional Fact : 超過半數香港大眾不太了解NFT


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Four must-know facts NFT emerging market analysis

NFT has opened up more possibilities for creativity and the market, and the fast pace of the Internet world can help artists, musicians and creators turn any work into gold.

According to the NonFungible NFT platform data, there are four main facts

✅Fact 1: The NFT market is getting hotter and hotter

The total number of NFT sales worldwide reached 35,590,796 in the past year, an increase of about 569%.

✅Fact 2: Second-hand transactions are active and reflect the market's capacity

In the second-hand NFT market, the number of sales reached 17,933,355, an increase of approximately 848.5%.

✅Fact 3: Public acceptance of NFT values is increasing

The average sale value of NFTs over the past year reached US$615.61, an increase of about 1224.4%.

✅Fact 4: Increased public interest and participation in the NFT market

NFT is traded in cryptocurrencies and in recent years the number of cryptocurrency wallet registrations has reached 3,053,883, an increase of approximately 1296.1%.

💪🏻Additional Fact : More than half of Hong Kong people do not know much about NFT

The majority of Hong Kong people have little understanding of the development of NFT and its causes, and may not be aware of the huge impact it will have on society. According to data collected by finder in September 2021, more than 55.3% of Hong Kong people do not have a good understanding of what NFT can do.

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