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【NFT+ News】 Netflix劇《華燈初上》亞洲首個推理遊戲NFT | [NFT+ News] Netflix series "Light The Night" riddle NFT

《華燈初上》是全亞洲第一款結合「戲劇」和「解謎」的 NFT:合共推出了2,993個NFT頭像,由46個角色打造出逾5000種變化。


引述《華燈初上》社交媒體最新消息,公眾可於4月5日下午2點到晚上12點期間,透過參加解謎遊戲搶先獲得1,988 個限額的白名單,分配機制為先解謎先得。4月6日將會正式開始發售。詳細最新消息請參閱 @hikari_lightthenight

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[NFT+ News] Netflix series "Light The Night" First-ever riddle NFT game in Asia

“Light The Night”, is the first NFT project in Asia that combines "drama" and “riddlle: a total of 2,993 NFT avatars are released, with over 5,000 variations created by 46 characters.

Netflix's popular series "Light The Night" follows the lives of women in a 1980's time period as they struggle with the challenges of life, the pursuit of love, and the process of finding and becoming who they are. In the third season of "Light The Night", the NFT is launched with the core concept of "Be Yourself", which not only can be regarded as a profile pictures, but also allows buyers to participate in the riddle game while enjoying the TV series. After completing the riddle, you can get the last NFT character avatar that appears.

According to the latest news from their social media, the public will be able to get their hands on the 1,988-unit whitelist spots by participating in a riddle game between 2 p.m. and 12 p.m. on April 5, with first-come, first-served allocation. For more details, please visit @hikari_lightthenight

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