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原來NFT可以咁應用--- 賭場搏一搏 單車變摩托 | What! NFT can be used in this way --- CasinoSMALL BET, WIN BIG

(10) NFT + 賭場


2021年底,Slotie NFT全球首個賭博界NFT誕生。Slotie是由一組10,000個獨特的NFT組成的,允許持有人進入Defi賭博元宇宙世界,而NFT持有人,更可以在全球150多個賭場獲得額外獎賞優惠。

除此之外,Slotie更從合作夥伴中獲得12%佣金收益,而當中有80%的收益將會根據NFT稀有度進行派發。持有人更可在空閒時間質押NFT,獲取平台發行的代幣。未來更會配合孵化計畫,Junior Slotie,進一步擴展區塊鏈賭博市場。

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What! NFT can be used in this way --- Casino


(10) NFT + Casino

Over the past few years, the gambling industry around the world has shifted towards digital casinos. As a result of strict quarantine and social disruption measures around the world, many physical casinos have been forced to temporarily close their doors and refuse to provide services to the public. As a result, online casino users and website visitors reflect the fact that many enthusiastic gamblers and consumers have turned to digital platforms in order to remain engaged in the casino world.

At the end of 2021, Slotie NFT, the world's first NFT in the gambling world, was launched, consisting of a group of 10,000 unique NFTs that allow holders access to the world of the Defi gambling metaverse, and NFT holders can receive additional bonus offers at over 150 casinos worldwide.

In addition to this, Slotie receives 12% commission from its partners, 80% of which will be paid out based on NFT rarity. Holders can also pledge NFTs in their free time to receive tokens issued by the platform. In the future, Junior Slotie will further expand its blockchain gambling market in line with its incubation programme.

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