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原來NFT可以咁應用--- 慈善募捐NFT項目創造社會價值 | Charitable fundraising NFT projects create social value

(8) NFT + 慈善






例如2021年推特創辦人Jack Dorsey以290萬美元的價格將他的第一條推文作為NFT出售,並將拍賣所得款項,全數捐贈給慈善機構GiveDirectly,協助在疫情期間,受到影響的非洲家庭提供急難救助金。

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What! NFT can be used in this way --- charitable fundraising

NFT projects create social value

(8) NFT + Charity

According to market research, the combination of charitable art and blockchain is gaining attention, and many charities are already benefiting from the boom. NFT can be a great way to raise donations through auctions, allowing organizations to raise money in a transparent way while attracting new audiences and strengthening brand awareness.

There are three common ways to invest in charitable fundraising through NFTs.

(1) Let your ambassadors create an NFT

(2) Partner with existing NFT creators

(3) Create your own NFT using your own features

For example, in 2021 Twitter founder Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet as an NFT for $2.9 million and donated all proceeds from the auction to GiveDirectly, a charity that helps provide emergency relief to African families affected by the epidemic.

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