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原來NFT可以咁應用--- NFT碎片化 分割購買都可以擁有所有權 | The original NFT can be used in this way - NFT fragmentation

(4)NFT + 碎片

現在我們知道有部分NFT的價格真的是高得嚇人,例如最近開始發行ApeCoin的Bored ape yacht club。但有一個新的趨勢,使會令高價值的 NFT 更具流動性,也更容易為投資者所接受,這就是「碎片化」。

碎片化就是將一個 NFT 分解成許多小塊,所以人們可以購買一個昂貴的 NFT 的一小部分。如此一來,即使你沒有實際持有 NFT ,你都可以擁有以它發行的代幣的所有權。這個概念類似把 NFT 碎片化想像成公司的股份。

當你買了一份股票,你就擁有了該公司的一小部分。同樣,NFT 可以被分割成數百萬個小塊或碎片,人們就可以以較低的價格購買他們的 NFT 。因此分割的是 NFT 的「價值」,而非 NFT 本身。碎片化資產正迅速成為我們看待股票和其他投資的未來。

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The original NFT can be used in this way - NFT fragmentation

You can buy in pieces and have ownership

Now we know that some NFTs are really expensive, such as the Bored ape yacht club that recently started issuing ApeCoin, but there is a new trend that makes high-value NFTs more liquid and accessible to investors: 'fragmentation'.

Fragmentation is the breaking up of an NFT into smaller pieces so that people can buy a small part of an expensive NFT. In this way, even if you don't actually hold the NFT, you can have ownership of the tokens issued in it.

The concept is similar to thinking of NFTs in pieces as shares in a company. When you buy a share, you own a small part of that company. Similarly, NFT can be fragmented into millions of small pieces or fractions, and people can buy their NFT at a lower price. So it is the 'value' of the NFT that is fragmented, not the NFT itself. Fragmented assets are fast becoming the future of how we look at equities and other investments.

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