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原來NFT可以咁應用--- NFT 遊戲 | What! NFT can be used in this way --- NFT games


(1)NFT + 遊戲

NFT 遊戲將在其規則、機制和玩家互動中使用 NFT作為元素。例如,遊戲可以將您獨特的角色或替身作為 NFT。在玩遊戲時找到的數位道具也可能是 NFT。玩家可以與其他玩家交換或在市場交易NFT 來獲取收益。另外邊玩邊賺模式

(Play-to-Earn)也可以讓玩家從 NFT 遊戲中獲得虛擬貨幣收入。而為了實現在遊戲中達成交換、建立和實施 NFT等功能,背後需要有開發人員建立了智能合約,為NFT遊戲制定去中心規則,而智慧合約則儲存在區塊鏈上,作為自我執行程式碼去運行。

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What! NFT can be used in this way --- NFT games

Gaming in Metaverse

How can NFT be used in games and even in the metaverse?

(1) NFT + Gaming

NFT games will use NFT as an element in their rules, mechanics and player interaction. For example, a game could have your unique character or avatar as an NFT, a digital assets found while playing could be an NFT, and a player could trade NFTs with other players or in the marketplace to gain extra revenue.

Play-to-Earn mode also allows players to earn tokens from NFT games. In order to exchange, create and implement NFTs in the game, developers need to create smart contracts that set decentralised rules for NFT games, which are stored on the blockchain and run as self-executing codes.

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