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原來NFT可以咁應用--- 健康數據 大數據是最有價值的資產 | What! NFT can be used in this way --- Health Data

(6) NFT + 健康大數據



- 無法保障病人權益

- 無權決定誰可查閱病歷

- 難以追蹤資料有否被第三方運用

NFT 可令公眾可重掌數據控制權,有能力決定誰可查閱和使用你的病歷或健康數據。

世界上第一個醫療和科學NFT,Aimedis,已邀請公眾將自己的醫療資料將轉化爲 NFT 出售給製藥公司,透過NFT不可替代、不可分割、獨一無二的三大特性,大大提高健康資料的安全性、隱私性和互通性。每當醫療NFT持有人的病歷資料或健康數據被使用或出售時候,在智能合約的機制下可為持有人帶來一定比率的收入,保障資料權益。相信未來這項區塊鏈技術將會革新全球的醫療生態系統,十分值得期待!

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What! NFT can be used in this way --- Health Data

Big data is the most valuable asset

(6) NFT + Health Big Data

On February 3, 2022, an article titled "How NFTs could transform health information exchange" was published in the academic journal, Science, pinpointing that the current medical record keeping system is inadequate and the system is quite disorganized.

Three pain points can be explained:

- No guarantee of patient rights

- No authority to determine who has access to medical records

- Difficulty in tracking whether data are used by third parties

NFT can help democratize health data by giving the public back control of the data and the ability to decide who can access and use your medical or health data.

The world's first medical and scientific NFT, Aimedis, has invited the public to convert their medical data into NFTs for sale to pharmaceutical companies, greatly improving the security, privacy, and interoperability of health data through the three characteristics that make NFTs irreplaceable, indivisible, and unique. Whenever the medical records or health data of medical NFT holders are used or sold, the smart contract mechanism can bring a specific percentage of income to the holders to protect the rights of the data. It is believed that this blockchain technology will innovate the global medical ecosystem in the future, which is worthy of looking forward to!

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