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NFT+新聞 - 美國銀行承認關注NFT領域 | NFT+ News - Bank of America Admits Concern for NFT Industry

2022年3月23日,美國銀行 (Bank of America)市場部主管Kate Fernandez 以103.9ETH(價值約32.4萬美金)買入Bored Ape Yacht Club#4097,並稱美國銀行正在密切關注NFT領域。

註:美國銀行 (Bank of America),美國資產規模第二大的商業銀行,在全世界150多個國家擁有約5,600家支行,16,200個ATM點,市值約3459.82億美金

【美國銀行 (Bank of America) - 元宇宙發展態度轉變紀錄一覽】


美國銀行(Bank of America)先前曾對加密貨幣表示不樂觀。在2021年3月的一份研究報告《比特幣的骯髒小祕密》(Bitcoin’s Dirty Little Secrets)中抨擊比特幣,指出其交易速度慢、價格容易被操縱。


美國銀行全球研究部發布的最新《加密貨幣資產入門》報告,將區塊鏈發展評比為「多年來最令人興奮的新市場」,不但對這不斷發展中的行業充滿熱情,還一片看好從流行的加密貨幣領域到去中心化應用(Dapp)、DeFi 和 NFT。美國銀行報告還引用了近期 NFT 交易平台 OpenSea,於今年 8、9 月共超過 30 億美元交易量,稱非同質化代幣 NFT 與 DeFi 是目前加密貨幣領域中最具創新性的區塊。


NFT+ News - Bank of America Admits Concern for NFT Industry

On March 23, 2022, Kate Fernandez, Head of Marketing at Bank of America, bought Bored Ape Yacht Club #4097 for 103.9 ETH (worth about $324k) and said Bank of America is keeping a close eye on the NFT space.

Note: Bank of America, the second largest commercial bank in the U.S. by assets, with approximately 5,600 branches and 16,200 ATM locations in more than 150 countries worldwide, has a market capitalization of approximately $345.982 billion.

Bank of America - A record of changing attitudes in the development of the metaverse

March 2021

Bank of America has previously expressed disillusionment with cryptocurrencies. In a March 2021 study, "Bitcoin's Dirty Little Secrets," it attacked Bitcoin, citing its slow transaction speeds and easy price manipulation.

October 2021

The latest Bank of America Global Research report, "Getting Started with Cryptocurrency Assets," rates blockchain development as "the most exciting new market in years," and is not only enthusiastic about the evolving industry, but also bullish on the move from the popular cryptocurrency space to decentralized applications (Dapps), DeFi and NFT. The Bank of America report also cites the recent NFT trading platform OpenSea, which saw over $3 billion in trading volume in August and September of this year, saying that the non-homogenized tokens NFT and DeFi are currently the most innovative blocks in the cryptocurrency space.

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