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原來NFT可以咁應用--- 個人頭像(PFP) | What! NFT can be used in this way --- Profile Picture (PFP)

2017 年,NFT個人頭像項目 CryptoPunks NFT誕生。直到2022年,先逐漸走進大眾的目光,究竟NFT頭像可以如何彰顯元宇宙價值?

(2)NFT +個人頭像(PFP)

個人頭像(PFP)亦即Profile Picture,中文譯作頭像圖片,是NFT最為常見的玩法。NFT持有者可以在社交媒體換上頭像,以最簡單直接地彰顯NFT的所有權,得到社群認可。發行 NFT 的社群會為成員提供了不同的職位和等級升級制度,而根據職位去衡量福利派發或授予會員專屬的權益。

例如允許他們進入獨家的 Discord 聊天室、提供優先購買權利、擁有其他相關項目的白名單等。而透過Twitter,NFT 圖示也會吸引其他相同社群成員的關注與互動,繼而形成一個封閉的小團體。

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What! NFT can be used in this way --- Profile Picture (PFP)

A unique community recognition

In 2017, the NFT Profile Picture(PFP) project, CryptoPunks NFT was born. How can PFP represent the value of the metaverse?

(2) NFT + Profile Picture (PFP)

Profile Picture (PFP), is the most common form of NFT project, which allows NFT holders to change their PFP on social media to showcase their ownership of the NFT in the simplest and most direct way and gain community quick recognition.

Communities that issue NFTs offer their members a variety of positions and rank level-up systems, which are used to measure benefits or grant exclusive rights to members. For example, they are given access to exclusive Discord chat rooms, priority purchase rights, whitelist access to other related projects, etc. Through Twitter, the NFT icon also attracts the attention and interaction of other members of the same community, thus forming a closed group.

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