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原來NFT可以咁應用---餐廳新會員制度吸引顧客 | Restaurants New membership system to attract customers


餐廳可以透過應用NFT,為持有者提供限定優惠、建立私人派對、甚至提供利潤分成計畫,讓顧客一邊享用美食之餘,同時賺取被動收入。甚至有餐廳加入遊戲化元素,部署邁入元宇宙發展,透過在Sandbox建立元宇宙空間及Gamefi等項目。這種NFT計畫,有助餐廳實行更具持續性、高參與度的商業模式,讓餐廳會員可以Eat to Earn,建立獨一無二的歸屬感。除此之外,NFT擁有者更可化,成為餐廳股東之一,與其他NFT持有者共同決定餐廳的未來營運方向。

香港餐廳 Burgerism早於上月將此概念引入,推出2,222個BugerismNFT,讓持有者享有數個獨家優惠,例如全年免費食漢堡包、85折包場到會優惠,更可參與包包俱樂部,投票決定未來推出的漢堡風味。而當中最令人興奮的是持有者可於每年6月及12月以加密貨幣USDT形式,收取餐廳淨利潤當中的80%。

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What! NFT can be used in this way - Restaurants

New membership system to attract customers

(15) NFT+Restaurant

Restaurant can make use of NFT to offer limited offers to holders, create private parties and even offer profit-sharing schemes, allowing customers to enjoy their food and earn passive income at the same time. Some restaurants have even added a gamification element, deploying metaverse development by creating projects such as Metaverse Gamefi at Sandbox. This type of NFT programme helps restaurants to implement a more sustainable and participative business model, allowing restaurant members to Eat to Earn and build a sense of belonging. In addition, NFT owners can become a shareholder in the restaurant and decide the future direction of the restaurant with other NFT owners.

Hong Kong restaurant Burgerism introduced this concept last month with the launch of 2,222 BugerismNFTs, offering holders a number of exclusive benefits such as free hamburgers all year round, a 15% discount on private events, and the opportunity to join a burger club to vote on future hamburger flavours. The most exciting part of the offer is that holders will receive 80% of the restaurant's net profit in the form of the cryptocurrency USDT on June and December of an annual basis.

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