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【NFT+ News】 限量版名錶闖進NFT世界 獨一無二取代紙本證書 | Limited edition watches enter the NFT world

義大利精密航海計時腕錶老字號「沛納海 Panerai」創立於1860年,2022年推出業界首枚「Radiomir Eilean體驗錶」,發行全球限量 50 枚,透過結合 NFT 藝術品、高級地中海乘船之旅一併推出。

隨錶附送的NFT 加密藝術品,能讓買主將能優先了解沛納海所有 web3.0 計劃、享受其尊榮服務與活動。更可在今年 6 月受邀搭乘歷史悠久的 Eilean 號帆船,遊覽阿馬爾菲海岸、體驗地中海的美食與文化。


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[NFT+ News] Limited edition watches enter the NFT world, an unique alternative to paper certificates

Founded in 1860, Panerai, the oldest name in Italian precision marine chronographs, launched the industry's first "Radiomir Eilean Experience Watch" in 2022 in a limited edition of 50 pieces worldwide.

The NFT cryptographic artwork that comes with the watch will provide buyers with priority access to all of Panerai's web3.0 projects, privileged services and events. This June, buyers will also be invited on board the historic Eilean sailing ship to cruise the Amalfi Coast and experience the cuisine and culture of the Mediterranean.

The NFT of the watch enables buyers to authenticate their watches in a more advanced and reliable way, and opens up future possibilities. It also allows for more communication and increased brand loyalty in the years to come.

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