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原來NFT可以咁應用--- NFT 遊戲《Sandbox》| What! NFT can be used in this way --- NFT games <Sandbox>

The Sandbox 遊戲《沙盒》是一個去中心化的遊戲平台,通過打造一個龐大的線上元宇宙,用戶可以在其中創造自己獨特的世界和遊戲體驗,並從中獲利。在Sandbox世界,大家可以透過取得LAND,解鎖遊戲裡面的房地產、土地等。The Sandbox 先時定位為獨特的虛擬世界遊戲,可以說它像是區塊鏈上的《Minecraft》。

作為元宇宙先鋒,已經吸引不少投資者進駐,當中包括新鴻基有限公司 (新鴻基公司),透過參與9,300 萬美元的 B 輪融資及並購入其中一塊最大的虛擬土地作未來元宇宙發展規劃。

目前遊戲引擎Game Maker 還在發展,不時加入新功能支援更豐富創作內容。現時Alpha第二季已經開放給公眾免費試玩,有興趣體驗元宇宙遊戲世界的各位,可以前往官網登記。(MAC & PC 系統玩家都可以參與)


What! NFT can be used in this way --- NFT games


The Sandbox is a decentralised metaverse gaming platform that allows users to create their own unique worlds and gaming experiences and even earn profits from it by creating a vast online metaverse. The Sandbox is a unique virtual world game that can be described as the ""Minecraft of the blockchain"", where people can acquire LAND to unlock real estate, land and more in the virtual world.

As a metaverse pioneer, the Sandbox has already attracted a number of investors, including Sun Hung Kai Limited (SHKP), through its participation in a US$93 million Series B financing and the acquisition of one of the largest virtual lands for future metaverse development.

The game engine, Game Maker, is still under development with new features being added from time to time to support richer creative content. The Alpha Season 2 is now available for the public to try out for free, so if you are interested in experiencing the metaverse game world, please visit the official website to register. (Both MAC & PC players can participate)

For more information on NFT, please follow the NFT+ social media channel 👍🏻

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