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【NFT+ News】 K-POP闖進NFT 虛擬偶像元宇宙首演 | [NFT+ News] K-Pop Breaks enters NFT with Virtual Idol Show

區塊鏈新遊戲《首爾之星 SeoulStars》以 K-Pop(韓國流行音樂)為核心,採用獨特 「唱歌賺錢」模式獎勵玩家的近期推出試玩版。加上以韓國虛擬偶像 Yuna 為主打。

Yuna是經三維設計而誕生的人物形象,外形與真人相似。HUMAP CONTENTS去年還曾發行Yuna的非同質化代幣(NFT)。遊戲以迷人的虛擬偶像 Yuna 的歌曲和眾多知名 K-Pop 舞曲為主打(韓國娛樂經紀公司 HUMAP Contents 授權)。

不僅是區塊鏈遊戲上難得一見的 K-Pop 遊戲,還能使用虛擬偶像 Yuna NFT 來參與其中,塑造龐大元宇宙體驗,揉合遊戲,音樂,演唱會,漫畫等元素。

2022年3月28日消息指出,經紀公司Humap Contents宣布,韓國虛擬偶像Yuna將會在4月14日發布新歌,下一步更會在元宇宙平台ZEPETO舉行演唱會。

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[NFT+ News] K-Pop Breaks enters NFT with Virtual Idol Universe Premiere

SeoulStars, a new blockchain game with K-Pop (Korean pop music) elements, has recently launched its demo version using a unique “Sing-to-Earn model to reward players. The game also features Yuna, a Korean virtual idol.

Yuna is a three-dimensionally designed figure that looks like a real person. HUMAP CONTENTS released Yuna's non-fungible tokens (NFT) last year. The game features songs by the charming virtual idol Yuna and many famous K-Pop dance songs (licensed by the Korean entertainment agency HUMAP Contents).

Not only is it a rare K-Pop game on the blockchain, but you can also participate in it using the virtual idol Yuna NFT to shape a huge meta-universe experience, combining elements of games, music, concerts, comics and more.

On 28 March 2022, Agency, Humap Contents has announced that Korean virtual idol, Yuna will be releasing a new song on April 14 and will next be performing on the metaverse platform ZEPETO.

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