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原來NFT可以咁應用---社交金融革新改寫自媒體會籍形式 | SocialFi: A revolutionary adaption of self-media membership

試當真,香港灸手可熱的Youtube頻道,一日前上載《NTR發佈會》,推出全新NFT盲盒項目,作品將會由過去一年半的「試映劇場」精選螢幕截圖組成。項目發行總量為6000張,定價為0.2ETH (港幣接近約$5000),並於本月23日發售。試當真頻道希望籌集資金,達成「四大目標」。



而試當真透過NFT,則是實行社交金融(SocialFi)。SocialFi是一種去中心化形式,通過社交網路和區塊鏈金融的結合。容許用戶從內容創建、參與 DAO 治理、NFT 鑄造、和其他用戶溝通、觀看娛樂和遊玩等方式賺取收入。


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What! NFT can be used in this way - SocialFi

A revolutionary adaption of self-media membership

The NFT Random Box project will consist of a selection of screenshots from the past years' video. The project will be distributed in a total of 6,000 copies, priced at 0.2ETH ( approx. HK$5,000), and will be available on the 23rd of this month. Trial & Error hopes to raise funds to achieve “four main objectives”.

In recent years, the self-media ecosystem has been on the rise, with Patreon being the first platform for text creation. Many writers, academics and politicians have entered the creative platform, creating a new trend of paid content. In recent years, Youtube has also opened up subscriptions for paid members, allowing more viewers to support creative work. While SocialFi is a decentralised form of social networking combined with blockchain finance. It allows users to earn income from content creation, participation in DAO governance, NFT minting, communicating with other users, enjoying entertainment and gaming.

In addition, the decentralised nature of NFT allows content creators to receive revenue directly from the sale of NFT projects, without the governance of a centralised platform. This allows for more creatives to be free and unrestricted. As the use of NFT continues to grow in the future, it is believed that more channel content creators will soon follow this practice.

For more information on NFT, please follow the NFT+ social media channel 👍🏻

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