【NFT+新聞】李璨琛 Sam Lee 首個 NFT 項目《SUNDAY ZOO》登場 | Sam Lee's NFT project 'SUNDAY ZOO' debuts

《SUNDAY ZOO》將會推出四款合共 888 個動態 NFT 並以盲盒抽籤方式決定購買者獲得「花心蘿蔔」、「糊李糊桃」、「迷幻磨菇」或是特別顏色的「迷幻磨菇」版阿羅漢「ARHAT」。故事人物阿羅漢「ARHAT」,以李璨琛兔年生肖為靈感基礎,提倡人與人之間應用內心交流,「不苦,不樂,捨心住正念」。

李璨琛表示:「由於是次創作是全人手製作,不包含電腦隨機生成元素,作為創作者我更希望作品會慢慢演變成為一個有靈魂的社區,創作更多大眾希望看到有趣獨一無二的作品,並透過元宇宙新概念帶出更多不同層面的發展,令未來 SUNDAY ZOO NFT 持有者可以真真正正擁有一個大家喜歡的藝術作品,以及發展成為一個可共同參與的玩樂空間。」

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[NFT+ News] Sam Lee's NFT project 'SUNDAY ZOO' debuts

SUNDAY ZOO" will feature a total of 888 3D animated NFTs and a lucky draw in a random box to determine whether the purchaser will receive a “Flirty Carrot“, a “Dizzy Peach", a “Psycho Mushroom" or a specially coloured version on “Psycho Mushroom”, which is based on the story character,Aloha "ARHAT".

Inspired by the Sam Lee who was born in the Year of the Rabbit, the character ARHAT advocates the use of inner communication between people, letting go of the mind and living in positive manner.

"As a creator, I hope that the work will gradually evolve into a community with a soul, creating more interesting and unique works that the public would like to see, and bringing out different aspects of development through the new concept of metaverse, so that future SUNDAY ZOO NFT holders can truly have a piece of art that everyone will enjoy and develop it into a playful space where we can all participate." Said by Sam Lee, the director of SUNDAY ZOO.

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