【NFT+ News】 奢侈珠寶品牌Tiffany & Co. 天價115ETH 購入NFT | [NFT+ News] Tiffany & Co. buys NFT for 115 ETH

【NFT+ News】 奢侈珠寶品牌Tiffany & Co. 天價115ETH 購入NFT

美國奢侈珠寶品牌Tiffany & Co. 在3月26日分享的一條推特宣布其進軍NFT領域。Tiffany & Co.已經從Rocket Factory收購了Okapi NFT,標志著它進入了數字收藏品世界。來自OpenSea的數據顯示,Okapi NFT在3月21日的售價為115ETH,約合358,807美元/2,809,351港幣。目前,Tiffany & Co.已經用這個NFT作為Twitter的頭像。

註:美國藝術家Tom Sachs在去年8月推出了Rocket Factory NFT。火箭由三個部件NFT組成:頭部、軀幹和尾部。這些可以組合在一起,成為一個完整的火箭。完整火箭的上限是1000個,在Rocket Factory啟動後,實體火箭將會被製造及安排在美國和歐洲進行發射,其他州份將陸續推出。發射時間和地點會提前公布,NFT的持有者將被邀請參加發射活動。


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[NFT+ News] Tiffany & Co. buys NFT for a skyrocketing price of 115ETH

American luxury jewelry brand, Tiffany & Co. announced its entry into the NFT space via a tweet shared on March 26. Tiffany & Co. has acquired Okapi NFT from Rocket Factory, marking its entry into the world of digital collectibles. Data from OpenSea shows that Okapi NFT was selling for 115ETH on March 21, which is about USD$358,807/HK$2,809,351. Currently, Tiffany & Co. has used this NFT as its Twitter Profile Pics.

Note: American artist, Tom Sachs launched Rocket Factory NFT in August last year, which consists of three NFT parts: nose cone, body and tail assembly. These can be combined together to make a complete rocket. After the Rocket Factory launch, physical rocket is made and launches will take place in the U.S. and Europe, with other states to follow. Launch times and locations will be announced in advance, and NFT holders will be invited to attend the launch events.

After the launch of the physical rocket, all restoration attempts will be made. Upon completion, the rocket will be shipped to its owner in a custom display box. The final rocket NFT updates the metadata database. And a short video of each launch will be linked to the final rocket NFT.

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