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【NFT+ News】立刻更新Chrome瀏覽器 堵截安全性問題 | [NFT+ News] Update Chrome now to safeguard your wallet

MetaMask 官方 Twitter轉發福布斯報導文章:

🚨Chrome發布了一個高嚴重性的安全更新。他們暫時沒有向我們透露其性質,但常規而言,用戶應該保持更新。請現在更新你的瀏覽器。(Updated version: 99.0.4844.84)


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[NFT+ News] Update Chrome now to safeguard your wallet

MetaMask's official Twitter feed retweeted the Forbes article:

🚨Chrome has released a high severity security update. They have not disclosed its nature to us, but you should generally always update upon any security update. Please take the time to update your browser now. (Updated version: 99.0.4844.84)

Note: MetaMask is the most popular cryptocurrency wallet in the NFT market, allowing users to access their ethereum(ETH) wallets via browser extensions or mobile applications, which can then be used to interact with decentralised applications. The most commonly used platform is OpenSea.

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