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NFT PLUS (NFT+) is a one-stop incubator for NFT innovation; headquartered in Hong Kong, it is widely available to the rest of the world and the metaverse.

In view of the rise of blockchain technology and the hot discussions among the internet and investment community, NFT+ will provide one-stop consultation services to facilitate the incubation of meaningful NFT projects and to assist artists with potential to further recognize and explore NFT values. The ultimate goal is to drive the worldwide NFT market development.

In partnership with NFT+, we can refine, polish, and encapsulate your NFTs to architect them into storytelling, highly-growing, collection-worthy artworks that will leave marks in Web 3.0 era.

NFT+ strives to actively promote the integration of technology advances with an emphasis on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) sustainability. We are also the first to establish the "NFT+ESG Fund" through the issuance of NFT, which connects various parties in the community to match projects and distribute a portion of the proceeds to needy groups or social innovation projects, allowing them to influence one another across multiple spectrums, enhancing their effectiveness and promoting community sustainability, creating a win-win situation.



Establish the first-ever digital art gallery in Asia

Provide valuable exhibition opportunities for Hong Kong artists and even the masses, to encourage the community to have an in-depth reflection and to get involved. Through the platform, deliver the concept behind and present the values.


Explore the advanced applications of NFT in Hong Kong

Connect with major organizations since digital art is a powerful social driver and an indispensable element of contemporary social progress. The social value of artwork can contribute to social harmony, and the values behind it can drive social innovation and enhance the efficiency of resource allocation.


What We Do

01 Design

Build unique NFT works from zero, suggesting design concepts and core messages. Action is the beginning of success.

02 Channel

Select appropriate channels for NFT to stock, setting up cryptocurrency wallet, working on listed prices, and releasing the projects stage by stage.

03 Strategy

Develop an all-round promotional strategy, developing a list of target audiences and implementing online and offline marketing as well as community engagement program.


04 Collaboration

Liaise with prospective partners and negotiate the way of partnership, for instances, commercial auctions, charitable donations and digital art gallery.

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